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Holiday coming soon!

Upcoming Event: International Baboon Day on December 3! We will be celebrating the day with zoos across the world by posting a baboon Q&A with @Zoofan15 (Millennial Lad) of the ZooChat forums. Hope you tag along for the Q&A!

Tasmanian Devils reintroduced to Mainland Australia!

Tasmanian Devils, also known locally as “Tassie” devils, are small carnivorous marsupials native to Tasmania. After Thylacine’s extinction in 1936, they became the largest carnivorous marsupials in the world. Most interestingly, both species are native to Tasmania. Another fascinating fact about Tassie devils is that because of their huge head and neck, they are allowedContinue reading “Tasmanian Devils reintroduced to Mainland Australia!”

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